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Side Loaders

Retriever™ Satellite

Bigger isn’t always better. Some routes require special consideration – and a smaller truck – to get in and out efficiently. The Retriever™ Satellite is made for those special routes.

Parks and recreation areas, gated communities, airports, beaches, tight alleys...they can all be a challenge for a full size refuse vehicle. And the Retriever™ Satellite is the perfect choice for each of these special challenges.

The Retriever™ is a surprising performer when it comes to compaction, so you’ll make plenty of stops before it’s time to unload. When you do unload, you can transfer the load into a full size rear loader and keep the Retriever™ on the route where it belongs...making a nice profit.

As an added bonus, the Retriever’s smaller chassis doesn’t require the operator to have a CDL, and the unit is FET exempt.

For those special routes or as a perfect back-up truck, every fleet needs a Retriever™ Satellite.

Transfer Feature

• Transfer payload into full size rear loader
• Keeps Retriever™ on the route
• Trash is “metered” into rear loader hopper for smooth, clean transfer



Self-Closing Tailgate

• Redesigned to close without manual assistance
• Reinforced tailgate
• Leakproof seal


Container Handling Options

• Accepts variety of cart tippers
• Dual hopper doors for loading from either side




Improved Hydraulics

• Hydraulic tubes instead of hoses
• Reliable Husco valves and O-ring fittings
• Easy to reach hydraulic components, with nothing hidden behind the front head


Easy to Operate

• Ejection, tailgate, and secondary pack controls located at rear of body on street side
• Dual electric auto packer push button controls