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Side Loaders

DuraPack® 7000®
A high compaction big brother to the F7000 Square designed for class 8 trucks. Same reliable Formula® lift, and uses dual drive or right hand drive trucks. Available in 26 to 33 yard sizes.
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DuraPack® Python®
The new premium lift system from Heil, the Python is faster, smoother, and lower maintenance than any other automated system. Features a 9-foot reach and is capable of below level grade pickup. Also has an enclosed oil bath gearbox for grabber gears, cushioned John Deere cylinders, precision machined bearing journals and long life bearings. Mounted on the DuraPack Family body.
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Rapid Rail®
The granddaddy of Automated Side Loaders. This body is designed for both class 7 and 8 trucks and is operated from the left hand drive position. The body features a unique rotating packer panel and a long reach arm.
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CP Python®
Based on the body design of the Rapid Rail, this continuous pack automated side loading system is coupled with Heil's revolutionary Python automated arm.
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Retriever™ Satellite
A smaller cousin in the Heil side loader family, the Retriever is designed for routes where full size refuse vehicles can't go, such as parks and recreation areas, airports, tight streets and alleys, gated communities, etc. Can be equipped with cart tippers for ease of loading. Satellite model can transfer its payload into a full size rear loader, saving trips to the landfill.
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Formula® 7000 Square Body
The original Heil Automated Side Loader for class 7 and 8 trucks. Uses Dual Drive or Right Hand Drive truck models. Available in sizes from 18 to 33 yards. Features the proven Formula® lift.
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MultiTask SL™
When we asked our engineers to develop the MultiTask SL,™ we didn’t want them to simply redesign an existing drop frame sideloader. Instead, we challenged them to redefine the term—to find new ways to accept garbage and new ways to pack it. As Heil engineers have done for more than 100 years, they delivered. In fact, the resulting “next generation” drop frame side loader is so unique, multiple patents are pending.
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STARR™ System
A trailerized version of the Rapid Rail. Articulated unit with unprecedented turning radius. Bodies detach and are capable of being pulled in tandem to disposal site.
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