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Rapid Rail® Co-Collector “One Pass” Collection

The industry’s most experienced automated refuse collection vehicle is now available in a split body recycling unit. The Rapid Rail® Co-Collector, with two same-size body compartments, uses the same proven Rapid Rail® lift system and paddle packer design that haulers have counted on for years – so ease of maintenance and operation are already well established.

The heart of the Co-Collector is in the action of the paddle packer. Instead of constantly sweeping the hopper, the paddle is positioned either left or right by the operator from inside the cab, blocking off one body compartment. When a cart is dumped, the paddle then sweeps the hopper and deposits the refuse (or recyclable commodity) into the appropriate open compartment. Rocker switches can be color coded to match the colors of route carts, i.e. green for refuse, blue for recyclables, etc.

The Rapid Rail® Co-Collector is a perfect choice for communities that already have automated refuse collection and seek to add co-mingled or a single stream recyclable collection. The Co- Collector could also be used to collect yard waste as a second commodity.



• Selection of the appropriate body compartment is made from inside the cab using color coded controls
• Selection is made before operating the loader
• In first photo, packer paddle closes off right hand body compartment to load into left side
• Packer paddle swings to the opposite side (center photo) and closes off left hand compartment when dumping into right side

Two Bodies


• Body compartments are equal size
• While collecting the route, selection of body compartment is made using color coded controls
• Dump either body compartment on demand



• Standard on the Rapid Rail Co-Collector
• Reduces fuel consumption as much as 20%
• Finish routes faster
• Quieter, smoother operation
• Saves wear and tear on body as well as chassis components, especially engine and transmission
• Tamper proof module
• Lift speed can be varied by operator
• Independent hydraulic systems control the lift and the packer for maximum efficiency

Improved Loader Harness and Electronics


• Cordaflex 3-piece design
• Extends life of loader harness
• Metal bulkhead fitting relieves strain on the harness
• Larger bend radius extends harness life
• “Fire hose” has been eliminated to simplify maintenance
• Fewer wires used in harness, thanks to improved design
• Deutsch electrical connectors
• Rotary actuated switches