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Rear Loaders


The Heil PowerTrak Commercial rear loader is the latest design in the evolution of the rear loader packer, an evolution that started when Heil invented the Colecto-Pak almost 60 years ago. The new PowerTrak will deliver bigger payloads than you ever thought possible, while maintaining the critical weight advantages that come from Heil’s high tensile steel construction.

The heart of the PowerTrak is its patented dual track system. Other rear loaders move shoes or rollers along a single track during sweep and pack cycles. This requires the top cylinder to operate at a sharp angle of resistance, causing intense friction which robs power and speed and increases wear on shoes and tracks. PowerTrak's revolutionary dual track system gives the top cylinder its own track, significantly reducing the angle of resistance. As a result, friction is reduced, cycle times are faster, more pressure is exerted directly into the load, and trailgate shoes wear less.

The PowerTrak will tackle your toughest commercial routes without a whimper. Its cavernous 3.64 cubic yard hopper will feast on refuse that would choke most other rear loaders – construction and demolition debris, 10-yard containers, and anything else you want to feed it. The PowerTrak tailgate is made of all high tensile steel, saving critical weight that allows you to handles those extra big payloads you’ll get. And with its high angle cylinder mount, the ejector panel retracts farther in the body than other rear loaders, putting more of that payload forward for better weight distribution.

The PowerTrak also features the DuraPack® Family body, the toughest we make. Its fully welded subframe, flat floor and stylish curved body side can withstand the harshest environments and still look good years down the road.

With PowerTrak you’ll get more packing punch, faster cycle times, and incredible payloads, cutting precious time off your work day and reducing long term maintenance costs at the same time.

The PowerTrak can also be equipped with cart tippers for residential service.

See the PowerTrak’s featured highlights below, or click here for a complete Product Tour of features and benefits.

Sizes Available: 25, 27, and 32 Cubic yards.

Patented Dual Track System

• Offset upper track operates at softer angle, reducing friction.
• Less friction means more force is directed into the load.
• PowerTrak can use smaller cylinders for packing because of less friction.
• Smaller cylinders generate much faster cycle times.
• Smaller cylinders also reduce weight in the tailgate.
• Less friction reduces wear in the tailgate shoes and tracks, reducing maintenance costs.

More Payload Forward In the Body

  • High angle mount of ejector cylinder allows panel to retract farther in the body, allowing more payload forward for bigger payloads and better weight distribution.

  • Packing forces move upward in the body, saving wear on floor and tracks.

  • Ejector panel does not contact tailgate.

Raised Ejector Track System

  • Similar to the Heil front loader design, raised tracks provide a tight fit for the ejector assembly, with less chance for trash to build up behind ejector panel.

  • Aluminum/bronze cast alloy shoes.

  • Ejector shoes are easily replaced without removing the ejector panel.

  • Shoes are reversible for double the life of ordinary shoes.

Easy To Service

  • Oversized cast alloy tailgate shoes provide long wear.

  • Easily accessible through panel in rear bolster.

Interlaced Subframe


• Heil’s interlaced subframe is made from formed channels for extra strength.

• Fully Welded, for superior resistance to corrosion and cracking.

• Flat floor made from abrasion resistant steel for longer wear. No trough to clean out from trash buildup.