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Auto Carry Can

OUR PRODUCTIVITY ADVANTAGE The Slammin’ Eagle slashes route times by collecting more homes in less time than an ASL system. Because of the front loader’s greater capacity (40-43 yards) Eagles can collect more homes per shift and they make fewer landfill trips. Eagles also complete the route in less time. Wheel stop to wheel go for an Eagle is 5 seconds compared to 12-14 for an ASL. Drivers spend less time stopped in front of each house. With an ASL you are always waiting for the packer blade to cycle, particularly when collecting recycle or green waste, and this is the big limiting factor, after all, your arm is only as fast as your packer. With our system the truck and driver are never stalled waiting for the packer blade to finish its cycle. The Eagle also maneuvers the fastest round cul-de-sacs. This is because the arm is out front of the steer axle and has a boomlike action. Drivers can easily swing the arm directly into position to grab a cart. In contrast, the arm of an ASL is stuck between the axles so drivers have to repeatedly back-up and move forward to align the arm with the cart. Eagles require far fewer back-up events, so less time is thus wasted. Combine all these advantages and it’s easy to see why the Eagle has the highest productivity of any system.

OUR COST ADVANTAGE One front loader equipped with an Eagle is capable of handing either commercial bins or residential carts. This reduces the total number of trucks required in a hauler’s fleet by standardizing on one platform. Fleet size is also reduced because fewer Eagles are needed to do the same job as compared to an ASL system. It only takes a few minutes to mount or dismount an Eagle. Spares cost a fraction of what an entire ASL costs. Maintenance is straightforward and simple. Component design is first computer-modeled for stress analysis, then route-proven to insure all parts have the highest durability. Eyes-forward pickup not only eliminates neck strain, thus reducing workman’s compensation, but also allows the operator to see and remove contamination. Eyes-forward also gives the operator the best field of view so they are much less likely to accidently hit mailboxes or parked cars with the arm. “Take-all” contracts are not a problem - the Eagle easily picks up bulky items such as furniture and appliances - so there is no need to chase the route with a rear loader as with an ASL! The Eagle can be operated from either the left hand driver's position or the right, making retrofits to existing units simple and easy. Add up these factors and the Eagle clearly comes out with the lowest cost-per-hour of any system. And when you put higher productivity together with the lowest cost you get - simply - the future of automated residential collection.


  • Volume: 4.6 cu yds
  • Inside height: 45.88"
  • Weight: 1,680 lbs
  • Floor: 14 gauge
  • Side walls: 14 gauge
  • Top reinforcement: (3)-3x2x.125" HSS
  • Floor reinforcement: (3)-3x2x.125" HSS
  • Windscreen - top: 1x1x0.10" HSS
  • Windscreen mesh: 1x12 attened
  • Lifting pocket: 6x3x0.25" HSS


  • Slide cylinder Bore: 1.50"
  • Stroke: 54"
  • Shaft diameter: 1.0"
  • Rod type: induction hardened, ground, polished and chromed
  • Cushion: on retract
  • Dump cylinder
  • Bore: 2.5"
  • Stroke: 14.0"
  • Shaft diameter: 1.50"
  • Rod type: induction hardened, ground, polished and chromed
  • Cushion: extend and retract
  • Grab cylinder
  • Bore: 1.50"
  • Stroke: 7.0"
  • Shaft diameter: 1.0" induction hardened, ground, polished and chromed


  • Directional valve: HC Products, electric solenoid activated, mounted rear of the container
  • Hydraulic quick couplers: Aeroquip FD 49 series - one male and one female - by curbside fork, with dust covers
  • System pressure: 2,000 psi Priority ow divider: mounted to packer body
  • Flow divider: activated only by container controls - not continuously activated


  • Joystick type: electrical, single handle dual axis - slide and dump functions in thumb switch - handle for grip/release function
  • Joystick cab location: curbside or streetside
  • Curbside accessible switch bank: optional - mounts to cab exterior
  • Control lockout switch: optional toggle switch mounted in main control box disengages electrical
    feed to all controls
  • Auto-retract function: ensures that the Can arm is in the home position before the FL arms can be raised or the fork-extend functions